The Monday Challenge

Written on 2019-03-19

Yesterday, a friend of mine impressed upon me the importance of “showing up regularly”. We were just discussing another friend's plan to launch a podcast and were talking about how to become visible on the web. “You have to show up”, he said, “no matter how rubbish you may feel that day – your audience has to know you will be there. It's not important whether your schedule is daily, weekly, or monthly, but you have to stick to it.” Pretty challenging words, I thought, but perhaps just the advice I needed to hear. So here is the Monday Challenge.

For the next twelve weeks, I will publish an article here every Monday. Not that I mean to stop after the 10th of June, I just hope that twelve weeks is enough to get me into the habit of weekly writing ;-)

Why do I do this? Well, perhaps it will eventually help to get some regular visitors. But regardless, it will be good practice for me. One of the major reasons why I started this blog was to get some writing practice, and forcing myself to write at least something every week sounds like a good way to do so.

The average post length will probably decrease slightly from here on, but then that may be a good thing too. At any rate, writing more frequently will enable me to cover more topics and explore more ideas than I have thus far been able to. Finding things to write about may be another challenge, but I think that once one has started writing, that part will hopefully sort itself out…

So to sum up – every Monday from now on, you can look forward to new posts on books and biology, programming and poetry, and probably a whole load of other subjects. As always, you are more than welcome to send me feedback. See you around!

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