Challenge Completed

Written on 2019-06-13

Well, it is twelve weeks later. And I am glad to announce, I have successfully completed the Monday Challenge! Twelve articles in twelve weeks, a total of almost twelve thousand written words. Time to look back. Was it like I expected it to be?

For the next twelve weeks, I will publish an article here every Monday.

When I started off, I really wasn't sure I was going to pull it off. The last two months especially have been pretty crazy in terms of workload. Fortunately, there were a couple of weeks when I had spare time to work ahead, so when the going to too tough I could often fall back on a “reserve article” to see me through the week. It also helped that I enjoy writing so much that it can at times even become a form of relaxation 😉

Why do I do this? Well, perhaps it will eventually help to get some regular visitors. But regardless, it will be good practice for me.

Well, my visitor number remain negligible. (They've actually shrunk, per article, because I don't have the leisure to tailor every article to a specific target group.) But I have had some good interactions with various individuals on several of my posts, which has been encouraging. And yes, the practice part is certainly true!

The average post length will probably decrease slightly from here on

Ehm, no it didn't. (Staying strong at ~1000 words/post, with a range of 400-1400.)

Finding things to write about may be another challenge, but I think that once one has started writing, that part will hopefully sort itself out...

I can remember one week when I took a while to settle on a topic. But on the whole, my list of topics I'd like to write about has grown rather than shrunk. There's quite a few political events I would have liked to comment on but didn't have the time to, and I still have a bookcase full of books I ought to review at some point…

I just hope that twelve weeks is enough to get me into the habit of weekly writing [...] So to sum up — every Monday from now on, you can look forward to new posts on books and biology, programming and poetry, and probably a whole load of other subjects.

The twelve weeks are over, but Mondays keep coming 😄 And so will my posts. I still haven't written anything on poetry, and of course I'm right in the middle of my series on programming. And the books keep piling up… So, here's to the next twelve weeks!

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